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  • Tags: Travel Screening

Creator: Sánchez, Sarimer M., Eileen F. Searle, David Rubins, Sayon Dutta, Winston Ware, Paul D. Biddinger, and Erica S. Shenoy.
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2020-08-27
Description: The early phase of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and ongoing efforts for mitigation underscore the importance of universal travel and symptom screening. We analyzed adherence to documentation of travel and symptom screening through…

Creator: CDC
Subject: Personnel Management
Item Type: Guide
Date Last Updated: 2019-04-16
Description: Recommendations for organizations sending US-based health care or emergency response workers to areas with Ebola outbreaks and predeparture assessment of any workers traveling from Ebola outbreak areas to the United States.

Creator: Nau JY.
Subject: Contenu Français
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2014-11-05
Description: Les médias français n’en ont pas été informés : début octobre, une infirmière norvégienne, contaminée par le virus Ebola, a été rapatriée par une société française d’assistance médicale depuis Freetown jusqu’à Oslo, via Las…

Creator: NETEC
Subject: Training and Exercises
Item Type: Exercise
Date Last Updated: 2018-04-30
Description: Special Pathogen Mystery Drill Toolkit, Mystery Patient Drill
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