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  • Tags: Occupational Health

Creator: CDC
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Webinar
Date Last Updated: 2019-06-19
Description: Overview

The Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a large country in Central Africa with more than 85 million people, continues to grow and threaten other countries. This outbreak is the largest to occur in DRC and is now the…

Creator: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Webinar
Date Last Updated: 2018-05-15
Description: EID 4 EMT Free Video Training Series -
Emerging Infectious Diseases Videos for Prehospital Providers -
Decontamination of Personnel and Provider Care

Creator: Anne L. O'Keefe, Bryan F. Buss, Samir Koirala, Michael X. Gleason, Ashok Mudgapalli, and Shelly Schwedhelm.

Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2019-02-19
Description: The Ebola epidemic of 2014 demonstrated that outbreaks of high-consequence infectious diseases, even in remote parts of the world, can affect communities anywhere in the developed world and that every healthcare facility must be prepared to identify,…

Creator: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Epicenters Program, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2018-02-17
Description: Doffing protocols for personal protective equipment (PPE) are critical for keeping healthcare workers (HCWs) safe during care of patients with Ebola virus disease.

PDF of the article: Virus Transfer from Personal Protective Equipment to Healthcare Employees’ Skin and Clothing
Creator: Lisa Casanova, Edie Alfano-Sobsey, William A. Rutala, David J. Weber, and Mark Sobsey.
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2008-08
Description: We evaluated a personal protective equipment removal protocol designed to minimize wearer contamination with pathogens.

Creator: Nau JY.
Subject: Contenu Français
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2014-11-05
Description: Les médias français n’en ont pas été informés : début octobre, une infirmière norvégienne, contaminée par le virus Ebola, a été rapatriée par une société française d’assistance médicale depuis Freetown jusqu’à Oslo, via Las…

Creator: Grau Giner A, Fornieles Moreira M, Márquez Mora M, Moragas Bayés N, Rodríguez Ruiz MJ, Gisbert Cases Á
Subject: Elementos en Español
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2016-05-01
Description: Healthcare personnel is especially vulnerable to the risks derived from their job. The complexity that has the care of patients with Ebola justifies the study of the perception of risk of such professionals.

Creator: WHO
Subject: Training and Exercises
Item Type: Online Course
Date Last Updated: 2018-07-05
Description: Decision-makers and frontline responders will find a set of resources on Ebola virus disease here. These resources can be used as refreshers for experienced personnel or as an introduction to the topic for everyone else. Most of the materials are…