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PPE Use and Conservation (COVID-19)

These PPE Use and Conservation resources reflect the current supply shortage in which Personal Protective Equipment, like masks, goggles and face shields may be conserved. Find also NETEC COVID webinars.

The goal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to prevent exposure to harmful pathogens or substances. This means protecting the mucous membranes — the eyes, nose and mouth — from a person’s blood or body fluids. Gloves, gowns, coveralls, masks, respirators, face shields, goggles, and safety glasses are all barriers that might be used during care for patients who may be contagious. These protective barriers must be worn correctly and removed carefully. It is imperative that healthcare facilities develop PPE ensembles suitable for different pathogen transmission routes and patient acuities. More importantly, healthcare workers must be trained on safely donning and doffing those ensembles, as well as how to behave safely in that PPE and decontaminate and protect themselves during patient care.