NETEC Resource Library

 I. How to Use the Resource Library

1. Page Contents

This page will cover the menus and search functions of the NETEC Resource Library to help guide you through the website.

  1. Page Contents
  2. How to Navigate the Site.
  3. How to Find an Item.
  4. How to Use Exhibits.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions.

II. How to Navigate the Site

1. The Header

The header of the website (pictured here below) will guide you to many of the resources that you seek on the NETEC Library. 


Expand each section below to learn about the different header buttons.

  • On the top of the header you find a dark blue bar with the mini-header that links to the various segments of NETEC. The first link takes you back to, the second to the Resource Library home page, the third to the NETEC online courses page, and the fourth to the NSPS site.
  • In the top left you find the "NETEC: Resource Library" home button, which takes you back to the Resource Library home page.
  • Next the "Library Home" button will take you to the landing page of the Library, which provides the NETEC twitter feed, featured items, and buttons to different sections of the Resource Library.
  • The Preparedness-Prep link takes you to the buttons "Discover", "Develop", and "Deploy" or a page linking to all Three.  These three take you to collections of Library resources that have been designed to guide you to the type of resources that fit your current needs. The NETEC Resource Library includes BOTH items created by NETEC AND items created by other institutions relevant to Special Pathogens.

    Each collection, "Discover", "Develop", and "Deploy", takes you to a curated set of library resources for convenient browsing.
    • The Discover collection includes resources that provide introductory, research, and background data. If you are in the discovery and planning stage for yourself or your institution, find background resources, research publication, and basic fundamentals.

    • The Develop collection includes more specifically focused resources. If you are in the stage of design and development of a plan for your institution, find checklists, how-to guides, team training, and examples from various institutions of techniques and plans.

    • The Deploy collection includes resources to implement what you have learned immediately.  If you have a plan, and are at the stage of testing and deployment of your plan, find Exercise Templates, drills, After Action Reports, and other resources for maintaining operations.

  • The Outbreaks button takes you to a variety of pages that contain curated collections of useful resources and information related to outbreaks.
  • The Tools button takes you to a variety of pages that contain curated collections of useful resources and information. This page links to selections of training materials and topical tools. 
  • If you want to explore the resources of the NETEC Resource Library, the Browse button takes you to a page with guidance. It guides you through different options based on what you want to find today. If you choose the option to "Browse Entire Resource Library" under the Browse dropdown, this page lets you browse all the items, filter by item type, filter by item subject, or go to the "Browse by Topic" or "Search Items" pages from which you can search for specific topics and themes. If you choose "Browse Resource Topics" in the Browse dropdown, you can select from a variety of pages curated on relevant topics by NETEC SMEs.
  • The Flag icons to your right in the light blue bar below the search button provide the option to translate the main site text into French or Spanish, or back to English.
  • Two search boxes are available, the Resource Library specific search, and the overall NETEC search. The Resource Library search on the right "Search Library Only" allows for a keyword search. Keyword search will search multiple words together AND separately (search 3 characters minimum) to allow for a maximum of relevant responses, but will exclude words found in more than half the records. You can choose more specific search options under the "..." button or click on "Advanced Search" to go to a page allowing for searching and filtering by subject, creator, and other specific points. This will only provide results from the Resource Library itself.  The full NETEC search above in the mini-header "Search All NETEC" searches across, the Resource Library, and the Online Courses page, providing the most relevant results from all three sites.

2. Exhibits - Browse Resource Topics


In addition to search functions, we have curated exhibits of resources on specific topics, so that you can quickly find relevant items. These exhibits can be found in the dropdown menus below "Outbreaks" and "Tools", as well as linked from those pages. Click on "Browse Resource Topics" below "Browse" to get a list of all curated pages. (An example is pictured right.)

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III. How to Find an Item

1. Where to Look

The NETEC Resource Library includes BOTH items created by NETEC AND items created by other institutions relevant to special pathogens.

If you have a question or are looking for something specific, first go to the "Browse" page. It will guide you through the different ways to find a resource that meets your needs.

If you are looking for items generally, and want to browse, you can either go to "Browse Entire Resource Library" and browse through all items, or choose "Preparedness-Prep" and go to one of the tabs "Discover", "Develop", or "Deploy" to browse a more specific set of items according to your needs, as described above.

If you want to find something on a more specific topic, multiple search functions are provided (described below).

2. Search

You can initiate a search either through the search box that is expanded by 1) clicking on the button found on the top right of all pages  Search ALL NETEC , 2) by clicking on  SEARCH LIBRARY ONLY , or 3) by going to the "Search Items" (Advanced Search) page.

The  Search ALL NETEC  search box will search all pages in the repository including text on the news pages, and other NETEC pages. This is the recommended search.

The  SEARCH LIBRARY ONLY  box will search all pages in the repository including text on the news pages, excluding other NETEC pages, but requires more specific search terms.

The "Search Items" advanced search page provides more search filtering options for specifically items and resources in the repository (excluding news pages).

  • The Search All NETEC dropdown (...) from the search box (pictured) provides options of searching keywords across all three of NETEC's sites: the Resource Library,, and the Online Courses page. The results will include a list of relevant options from all three pages. These results are regularly indexed and provide the best results for a keyword search even for searching within the Resource Library.


  • The Search Library Only dropdown (...) from the search box (pictured) provides options of searching specific types of records, so you can check or uncheck if you want it to search resources (items), news pages (under Simple page), or exhibits (curated pages).

    You can also choose between Keyword, the default, and Boolean or Exact match. 

    If you want to search for a term shorter than 3 characters (e.g. specific initials) or for a common term, you can choose Exact match. 

    Exact match will also search for the specific order of words (e.g. 'Ebola virus disease' will not include results for just 'Ebola'). Boolean will search simply if a word is present or not in a page or item, not how many times it is present.

    We recommend "Search ALL NETEC" for keyword search.


  • The Advanced search or Search items page (pictured) allows for you to search for a specific field.  If you want to find only items created by NETEC, you can choose for the "Filter by Specific Fields" line "creator", "contains", and type "NETEC".  You can choose any field (e.g. creator, title, date, etc.) from the first dropdown, and a parameter (e.g. contains) for the second.  You much choose something from this second dropdown to get results.  Then type your term of choice into the 'Enter text...' box.

    On this advanced search or search items page you can also search items by keyword, search by item type, or search by topics. The Filter by tags line on the advanced search page allows for you to search by multiple topics (tags - single words or single phrases), separated by commas.


  • You can choose any topic, or a set of topics, from the "Browse by Topics" page, and find a set of resources that reference the entire set of topics. Each topic is a single word or phrase that will take you to a list of resources that are related to that topic. If you select multiple topics, you will only get items relating to ALL of those topics (topic one 'AND' not 'OR' topic two).

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IV. How to Use the Exhibits

1. Exhibits

The exhibits each contain a collected set of relevant resources linked together and explained through text. From the exhibit you can explore the curated set of relevant items. You can browse all the exhibits on the Browse Resource Topics page.

2. Exhibit Page

  • On the Exhibit Page (NETEC Exercise Templates is pictured below) you can choose which items seem most relevant to your needs. Click on the item icon or item title to go to a page with the specific details about that item and its download. You can always click the back arrow to return to the exhibit.


    If an exhibit has multiple exhibit pages (the Leadership Toolbox - Recovery Tools page is pictured below) you can navigate to the previous or next page at the top of the exhibit page. The page that you are on will be highlighted, and the others are links (here 'Mitigation Tools', 'Preparedness Tool', 'Response Tools', and 'More tools'). Click on the title of the exhibit to the left of the exhibit page title to return to the first page of the exhibit (here 'Leadership Toolbox'). You can also click the blue arrows at the bottom of the exhibit page to navigate.


3. Linked Item Page - How to Download a Resource

  • On the resource (item) page (an example is pictured below), the file download can be clicked in the top right corner.

    Resources will be accessible either as downloads through Files for Download from an icon to download a file (such as a Word doc or pdf), or through Click for an External Resource which will be a url (to either a zip file or to an external website).

    The Frontline Facility Ebola Tabletop Exercise Template is pictured below, showing a file download icon on the right and a document preview on the left.

    The CDC Your Guide to Masks example below shows an external resource link. Scroll further down the page to find more data on each resource.

    Some files can also be previewed at the top left of the page, including videos, pdfs, and docs.



V. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I found an article that I want to read, but I am having trouble finding the full text for it.

  • Each resource page that displays information about an article, also links to a source where that article can be read online. Sometimes the articles are behind a paywall, and the specific information about that will be listed in the Accessibility metadata field on that resource page.

    Some article pages will have an uploaded PDF that you can read on that page, but others will only have links to the article, hosted elsewhere.


    The article above has a PDF available, but the one below does not. The Click to read full article* link will either go to the journal page that hosts the article or a PubMed Central page that hosts the article.


    If you click on a link, and are having trouble finding the article, you may be on the National Library of Medicine (NLM) page. The NLM page will have links to pages where you can read the article in the top right corner (see the image below).


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