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Click on one of the following collections to explore resources that have been gathered to assist in planning based on your facility's planning stage.

Each collection contains a sortable list of resources curated to help you and your institution at your current stage in plan creation. Choose the stage below that addresses your own planning stage, from beginning stages doing background research and discovery, through plan development, to the deployment and testing of a fully formed plan.

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If you are in the discovery and planning stage for yourself or your institution, find background resources, research publication, and basic fundamentals.

If you are ready for developing a plan...



If you are in the stage of design and development of a plan for your institution, find checklists, how-to guides, team training, and examples from various institutions of techniques and plans.

For help with your existing plan...



If you have a plan, and are at the stage of testing and deployment of your plan, find Exercise Templates, drills, After Action Reports, and other resources for maintaining operations.