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  • Tags: Immunology

Creator: McElroy, Anita K., Rama S. Akondy, David R. McLlwain, Han Chen, Zach Bjornson-Hooper, Nilanjan Mukherjee, Aneesh K. Mehta, Garry Nolan, Stuart T. Nichol, and Christina F. Spiropoulou.
Subject: Research
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2020-05-21
Description: A complete understanding of human immune responses to Ebola virus infection is limited by the availability of specimens and the requirement for biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) containment.

Creator: Xia, Jufeng.
Subject: Laboratory
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2020-05-14
Description: Recently, an increasing number of reports have indicated that a few patients who were believed to have recovered from COVID-19 initially tested negative but later tested positive.

Creator: Bowles, Louise, Sean Platton, Nada Yartey, Minal Dave, Kurtis Lee, Daniel P. Hart, Vickie MacDonald, Laura Green, Suthesh Sivapalaratnam, K. John Pasi, and Peter MacCallum.
Subject: Laboratory
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2020-05-05
Description: Patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) have a profound hypercoagulable state, and complicating venous thrombotic events are common.

Creator: Davis CW, Jackson KJL, McElroy AK, Halfmann P, Huang J, Chennareddy C, Piper AE, Leung Y, Albariño CG, Crozier I, Ellebedy AH, Sidney J, Sette A, Yu T, Nielsen SCA, Goff AJ, Spiropoulou CF, Saphire EO, Cavet G, Kawaoka Y, Mehta AK, Glass PJ, Boyd…
Subject: Research
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2019-05-30
Description: Ebola virus (EBOV) remains a public health threat. We performed a longitudinal study of B cell responses to EBOV in four survivors of the 2014 West African outbreak.

Creator: WHO
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Guide
Date Last Updated: 2019-05-07
Description: The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) makes new recommendations on Immunization's for Ebola vaccination in the Democratic Republic of the Congo based on the new information available on the difficulty of ring vaccination approaches in this…

Creator: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Subject: Research
Item Type: Webinar
Date Last Updated: 2018-11-02
Description: 13th annual Philip S. Chen, Jr., Ph.D. Distinguished Lecture on Innovation and Technology Transfer. Dr. Nancy Sullivan will present “Lightning Chess: How Host Immunity Gains a Winning Position Against Ebolavirus Infection.” Dr. Sullivan is…

Creator: NIH
Subject: Research
Item Type: Video
Date Last Updated: 2019-03-19
Description: This is a one hour lecture about the monoclonal antibody (mAb114) and ebola. It requires Flash plugin.

Creator: Gallais F, Gay-Andrieu F, Picot V, Magassouba N, Mély S, Peyrefitte CN, Bellanger L.
Subject: Contenu Français
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2017-02-01
Description: Lors de l’épidémie de maladie à virus Ebola qui a frappé l’Afrique de l’Ouest en 2014, l’OMS a souligné le besoin de tests de diagnostic rapide (TDR), simples d’emploi, aisément déployables et facilement utilisables sur le terrain.…