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Terminal Clean_Emory.pdf
Creator: Emory
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Protocol
Date Last Updated: 2017-09-09
Description: SCOPE:The SCDU follows a defined set of protocols for activation of the Unit. Because the SCDU must be prepared for a wide range of infectious agents, plans exist to respond as appropriate based on the agent and clinical presentation of the patient.…

NETEC COVID-19 Environmental Cleaning and Infection Prevention Final.pdf
Creator: NETEC
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Webinar
Date Last Updated: 2020-06-05
Description: This webinar will describe the process for effective environmental cleaning and disinfection practices for COVID in the settings of acute care, long term care and skilled nursing facilities, identify strategies for waste and linen management,…

Creator: Emory
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Protocol
Date Last Updated: 2020-08-13
Description: COVID-19 Ambulatory ACE / DICE Printable PDFs.
These one-page PDF's depict Emory's use of PPE for protection against COVID-19 in the ambulatory setting. Created by Emory's Visual Medical Education team.

Effectiveness of Four Disinfectants against Ebola Virus on Different Materials
Creator: Smither, S., Phelps, A., Eastaugh, L., Ngugi, S., O’Brien, L., Dutch, A., & Lever, M. S.
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2016-08-04
Description: The West Africa Ebola virus (EBOV) outbreak has highlighted the need for effective disinfectants capable of reducing viral load in a range of sample types, equipment and settings.