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NETEC_HICS in COVID-19 Recovery_Resilience_Finalsignoff_092420.pdf
Creator: NETEC
Subject: Emergency Management
Item Type: Guide
Date Last Updated: 2020-09-24
Description: This interactive pdf and printable flyer describes the use of HICS in COVID-19 recovery and resilience.Recovery from and response to a disaster can happen at the same time - in the short, intermediate, and long terms. Recovery requires collaboration…

Creator: Project Echo
Subject: Personnel Management
Item Type: Hyperlink
Date Last Updated: 2020-09-14
Description: First responders are the primary frontline professionals responding to emergencies and are the difference between life and death for patients and community members. Continually at risk for physical injury, compassion fatigue, “burn-out”, and…

NETEC COVID-19 Workforce Innovation Reassign and Deloyment of Staff Final_reduced.pdf
Creator: NETEC
Subject: Personnel Management
Item Type: Webinar
Date Last Updated: 2020-06-12
Description: This webinar will discuss strategies around reassigning and optimizing the workforce due to operational changes related to COVID-19. Strategies used during the initial outbreak and returning to normal business operations will be discussed.Get…

Creator: Dzau, Victor J., Darrell Kirch, and Thomas Nasca.
Subject: Emergency Management
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2020-05-13
Description: The Covid-19 pandemic, which had killed more than 60,000 Americans by May 1, has been compared with Pearl Harbor and September 11 — cataclysmic events that left indelible imprints on the U.S. national psyche.

Creator: Cheung, Jonathan Chun-Hei, Lap Tin Ho, Justin Vincent Cheng, Esther Yin Kwan Cham, and Koon Ngai Lam.
Subject: Personnel Management
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2020-02-24
Description: Medical professionals caring for patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are at high risk of contracting the infection.

Creator: Axelsson, John, Tina Sundelin, Mats J. Olsson, Kimmo Sorjonen, Charlotte Axelsson, Julie Lasselin, and Mats Lekander.
Subject: Research
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2018-01-03
Description: Detection and avoidance of sick individuals have been proposed as essential components in a behavioural defence against disease, limiting the risk of contamination.

Creator: C. D. C. Prevention Epicenters Program (CDC)
Subject: Infection Control
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2019-10-01
Description: More than 28 000 people were infected with Ebola virus during the 2014–2015 West African outbreak, resulting in more than 11 000 deaths. Better methods are needed to reduce the risk of self-contamination while doffing personal protective equipment…

Creator: Feistritzer, N. R., C. Hill, S. Vanairsdale, and J. Gentry
Subject: Treatment and Care
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2014-11
Description: Caring for patients with Ebola virus disease requires strict biosafety protocols to eliminate exposure and ensure containment. Training and competency verification were critical to creation of a safe environment for nursing staff involved in the…