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Covid-19–Associated Myopathy Caused by Type I Interferonopathy


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Covid-19–Associated Myopathy Caused by Type I Interferonopathy


The syndrome of Covid-19 infection includes myalgias and elevated creatine kinase levels in at least a third of patients. Whether the elevation in creatine kinase level is caused by viral infection of muscle, toxic effects of cytokines, or another mechanism is unclear. There are few reports of muscle-biopsy findings in patients with Covid-19. We describe a patient with Covid-19 infection and myopathy who had a muscle-biopsy specimen showing evidence of virus-induced type I interferonopathy.




Manzano, Giovanna S., Jared K. Woods, and Anthony A. Amato. 2020. "Covid-19–Associated Myopathy Caused by Type I Interferonopathy." New England Journal of Medicine.


Free online on NEJM.


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