Webinar Series Conquering Stress in Difficult Times

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Webinar Series Conquering Stress in Difficult Times


Conquering Stress in Difficult Times is an 8 session Webinar series. The series focuses on helping you understand the controllable causes of stress. Yes, contrary to popular belief stress is controllable! The content is grounded in research validated theory and Dr. Lyon’s over 34 years of experience as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in diagnosing and treating stress-related illness. To keep the time commitment manageable the series is broken down into 8 sessions and covers proven techniques to both prevent and eliminate stress not just “manage” it. You will learn the two conditions that must be present for you to experience stress, strategies to address each of the conditions and how to conquer the stress emotions of dysfunctional anxiety, unjustified guilt, chronic anger and frustration. The last session of the series focuses on grief and situational depression that can accompany grief.


Dr. Brenda Lyon

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Session One: The Real and Controllable Causes of your Stress – approximately 45 minutes
Session Two: Eliminating Non-Essential Demands – approximately 40 minutes
Session Three: Maximizing Your Resources – approximately 10 minutes
Session Four: Conquering Dysfunctional Anxiety and the “Work of Worry” – approximately 25 minutes
Session Five: Conquering Unjustified Guilt – approximately 11 minutes
Session Six: Conquering Chronic Anger – approximately 16 minutes

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Webinar Series