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  • Tags: Telemedicine

Creator: Litvak, Mark, Katherine Miller, Tehnaz Boyle, Rachel Bedenbaugh, Christina Smith, David Meguerdichian, David Reisman, Paul Biddinger, Adam Licurse, and Eric Goralnick.
Subject: Emergency Management
Item Type: Publication
Date Last Updated: 2021-03-10
Description: Disasters have many deleterious effects and are becoming more frequent. From a health-care perspective, disasters may cause periods of stress for hospitals and health-care systems. Telemedicine is a rapidly growing technology that has been used to…

NETEC Palliative Care Final_reduced.pdf
Creator: NETEC
Subject: Treatment & Care
Item Type: Webinar
Date Last Updated: 2020-09-18
Description: In this webinar, attendees will learn to explain the importance of having early discussions about advance directives during a pandemic and discuss developing a plan to use telemedicine to help with end of life decisions and virtual contact with…