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Patient Movement Checklist


The Movement Team is the group of personnel responsible for moving the PUI from the hospital bed to the transport vehicle. The team typically consists of at least two EMS paramedics and two hospital clinicians; however, factors such as patient size, clinical acuity, and need for ongoing clinical interventions (e.g., manual ventilation) may require additional staffing. The Movement Team Leader will be the EMS officer/paramedic supervisor. The Movement Team Leader will confer with the clinical staff and develop a plan for the move, including (but not limited to) patient management needs and interventions required en route;movement device;adjunctive equipment needed (e.g., patient lift; slider board; linen);egress route/movement path;destination and arrival plan/coordination;and accompanying staff, equipment, and documentation. The Movement Team Leader will also be responsible for the directing the actual lifting, packaging, and moving activities to minimize contamination risk and avoid risks or injuries to the patient or staff.




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