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Laboratory Considerations for Ebola Virus and other Special Pathogens


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Laboratory Considerations for Ebola Virus and other Special Pathogens


Past in Person Course Presentation.

Pertaining to the care of a PUI or patient infected with a high-risk pathogen.
  1. Describe components of a biological risk assessment.
  2. Identify critical elements to collect, package, and ship a diagnostic specimen.
  3. List elements of a response plan to provide clinical laboratory services.
  4. Discover lessons learned to identify and correct potential gaps in clinical laboratory practices.
Zip file contains presentation slide deck and Laboratory Resources folder.
Laboratory Resources in Folder: APHL Template for Public Health Laboratory Risk Assessment for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Testing.pdf; Respiratory Pathogens Laboratory Testing Menu - Adult and Pediatric.pdf; VHF Laboratory Testing Menu - Adult.pdf; VHF Laboratory Testing Menu - Pediatric.pdf; Glossary of Laboratory Acronyms.pdf; Two-Center Evaluation of Disinfectant Efficacy against Ebola Virus in Clinical and Laboratory Matrices.pdf.

Download the zip file from the URL below.