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PPE: Evaluating what’s in your supply


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PPE: Evaluating what’s in your supply


Facilities need to continually reevaluate usage of personal protective equipment approved under Emergency Use Authorization.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic there have been supply chain issues for all organizations regarding access to appropriately approved personal protective equipment (PPE). Due to these supply shortages, several emergency use authorizations (EUA) were initially granted that allowed for the usage of various PPE outside of their intended purposes, usage beyond their stated shelf-life, usage of international but not U.S. certified/approved versions, etc.

These EUA were never intended to be long-term solutions or static, however, and have been continually changing. Many EUAs have now been repealed for a variety of reasons or have been allowed to expire.

Those who have purchased/are purchasing PPE under EUA should continually evaluate their stock to make sure that the items they have previously purchased and are using remain under their EUA and are in compliance with their respiratory protection program and/or other occupational health and safety requirements.

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