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NETEC - Online Course - Infection Control for Special Pathogen Isolation


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NETEC - Online Course - Infection Control for Special Pathogen Isolation


This course will provide information on the importance of having robust infection control procedures in place to care for a patient with Ebola or other special pathogen. Some topics that will be discussed include patient placement, patient care, donning and doffing personal protective equipment and how to transfer and dispose of waste from care of the patient.

This course is intended primarily for healthcare workers and teams in a biocontainment unit or special pathogen isolation area. Additional medical staff and public health professionals may also find the course to be of benefit. Those individuals may include but are not limited to, medical and nursing staff, administration, education/training leadership, and infection control leadership. Staff specializing in emergency management, communications, specialized clinical areas, laboratory, facilities management and environmental services are also welcome.







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