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Transmission Interrupted Podcast: Mpox Testing in Your Laboratory


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Transmission Interrupted Podcast: Mpox Testing in Your Laboratory



Join us for this episode of Transmission Interrupted as we start a new series dedicated to the laboratory community. Mpox continues to be in the news as cases rise across the country. Have you ever wondered what happens behind the laboratory curtain? How do laboratories adjust to the changing demands when a new special pathogen appears? With us today for this special episode is Karie Brouillard, Special Pathogens Laboratory Coordinator at Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital in Spokane, Washington. Join Karie and host Jill Morgan as they discuss hot topics and best practices for laboratorians as they navigate the challenges of monkeypox testing at their facilities.

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Karie Brouillard

Special Pathogens Laboratory Coordinator

Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital


Jill Morgan, RN

Jill Morgan is an RN and subject matter expert in PPE for NETEC. Member APIC, ASTM, AAMI. For 35 years Jill has been an emergency department and critical care nurse, and now splits her time between education for NETEC and clinical research, most of it centering around Infection Prevention and Personal Protective Equipment.


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