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Exhibit Page Education and Training Resources for All Facilities
Exhibit Page Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Exhibit Page NETEC COVID-19 Webinar Series
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Item default_publication_icon.png Association Between Caseload Surge and COVID-19 Survival in 558 U.S. Hospitals, March to August 2020 Emergency Management 2021-07-06 Several U.S. hospitals had surges in COVID-19 caseload, but their effect on COVID-19 survival rates remains unclear, especially independent of temporal changes in survival.
Item Clinical characteristics of COVID-19 in 104 people with SARS-CoV-2 infection on the Diamond Princess cruise ship: a retrospective analysis Treatment & Care 2020-06-12 The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a global threat. Identification of markers for symptom onset and disease progression is a pressing issue. We described the clinical features of people infected on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship who were diagnosed with asymptomatic severe acute respiratory…