Healthcare Facility Preparedness Checklist

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Healthcare Facility Preparedness Checklist


All U.S. healthcare facilities need to be prepared for new and emerging infectious disease threats such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). All hospitals should be equipped and ready to

  • care for a limited number of infected patients as part of routine operations
  • potentially care for a larger number of patients in the context of escalating transmission
  • outline plans for administrative, environmental, and communication measures
  • define the individual work practices that will be required to detect the introduction of MERS-CoV or other emerging infectious diseases
  • prevent spread of MERS-CoV
  • manage the impact on patients, the facility, and staff

The following checklist highlights some key areas for healthcare facilities to review in preparation for MERS-CoV. The checklist format is not intended to set forth mandatory requirements or establish national standards.


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