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Webinar on Special Pathogen Preparedness


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Webinar on Special Pathogen Preparedness


On August 15, GNYHA and NYC Health + Hospitals (H + H) co-hosted a webinar to provide an update on special pathogen outbreaks now occurring internationally and how all hospitals can improve their readiness for potentially infected patients. Presenters discussed the current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other notable outbreaks of concern.


Madad, Syra; Cagliuso, Nicholas; Struder, Sean; Dierbeg, Kerry




1 hour (2:00-3:00pm, August 15th).


This webinar is most appropriate for individuals involved in emergency management, infection prevention and control, emergency medicine, inpatient care, safety, public relations, critical care, and hospital administration. All registrants will receive a confirmation e-mail with webinar instructions one week in advance.

Webinar speakers include: Syra Madad, DHSc, Senior Director, System-wide Special Pathogens Program and Co-Principal Investigator of the Center for Global Healthcare Preparedness for Special Pathogens; Nicholas Cagliuso, PhD, Senior Assistant Vice President, Emergency Management; Sean Studer, MD, Chief of Medicine, H + H/Kings County; and Kerry Dierberg, MD, Section Chief, Infectious Diseases.