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  • Creator is exactly "Grassly, Nicholas C., Margarita Pons-Salort, Edward P. K. Parker, Peter J. White, Neil M. Ferguson, Kylie Ainslie, Marc Baguelin, Samir Bhatt, Adhiratha Boonyasiri, Nick Brazeau, Lorenzo Cattarino, Helen Coupland, Zulma Cucunuba, Gina Cuomo-Dannenburg, Amy Dighe, Christl Donnelly, Sabine L. van Elsland, Richard FitzJohn, Seth Flaxman, Keith Fraser, Katy Gaythorpe, Will Green, Arran Hamlet, Wes Hinsley, Natsuko Imai, Edward Knock, Daniel Laydon, Thomas Mellan, Swapnil Mishra, Gemma Nedjati-Gilani, Pierre Nouvellet, Lucy Okell, Manon Ragonnet-Cronin, Hayley A. Thompson, H. Juliette T. Unwin, Michaela Vollmer, Erik Volz, Caroline Walters, Yuanrong Wang, Oliver J. Watson, Charles Whittaker, Lilith Whittles, and Xiaoyue Xi"