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  • Creator is exactly "Choi, Bina, Manish C. Choudhary, James Regan, Jeffrey A. Sparks, Robert F. Padera, Xueting Qiu, Isaac H. Solomon, Hsiao-Hsuan Kuo, Julie Boucau, Kathryn Bowman, U. Das Adhikari, Marisa L. Winkler, Alisa A. Mueller, Tiffany Y. T. Hsu, Michaël Desjardins, Lindsey R. Baden, Brian T. Chan, Bruce D. Walker, Mathias Lichterfeld, Manfred Brigl, Douglas S. Kwon, Sanjat Kanjilal, Eugene T. Richardson, A. Helena Jonsson, Galit Alter, Amy K. Barczak, William P. Hanage, Xu G. Yu, Gaurav D. Gaiha, Michael S. Seaman, Manuela Cernadas, and Jonathan Z. Li"