PPE (ACE) double gloves

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PPE (ACE) double gloves


COVID-19 Unit Resources: COVID-19 Unit - COVID-19 ACE Printable PDFs (RE-USE GOWN).
RE-USE GOWN, DOUBLE Gloves - COVID-19 Unit - ACE Printable PDFs

Putting ON PPE, Extending Wear, Taking OFF PPE

These PDFs reflect the current supply shortage in which N95 masks and face shields and gowns may be conserved and reused. Created by Emory's Visual Medical Education team.


Date Last Updated (Year-Month-Day)



Use these instructions for donning, or putting on your PPE, if you are caring for a COVID-19 positive patient next and are reusing the mask, faceshield, and gown.

Post these inside and outside COVID-19 patient rooms, use to doff. Two options, one if your next patient is COVID-19 positive (pages 2 and 3 of this pdf), the other if your next patient COVID-19 status is negative or uncertain, or if you are finished seeing patients (pages 4 and 5 of this pdf).


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