PAPR - Airborne – PPE

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Conservation strategies:

This resource contains recommendations facilitating conservation of equipment and supplies during contingency (expected shortages) and crisis (known shortages) capacities and should not be applied as guidance when conventional capacities are available.(1)


PAPR - Airborne – PPE


Contact precautions with eyewear (ACE) Printable instructions. From PAPR (ACE) Emergency Department Printable PDFs. These PDF's depict the Emergency Department use of PAPR for protection against COVID-19 that is currently in use at Emory University. This configuration may also be useful outside of the ED context. Created by Emory's Visual Medical Education team.

Putting ON PPE, Extended Wear, Taking OFF PPE


Date Last Updated (Year-Month-Day)



Donning PAPR system PPE for airborne contact.

Doffing PAPR system PPE for airborne contact in room.

Doffing PAPR system PPE for airborne contact, outside room, for extended wear.

Terminal Doffing PAPR system PPE for airborne contact when the next patient is NOT COVID-19 positive.


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