NETEC Webinar (03/24/21)/Online Course: Ebola in the Age of COVID

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NETEC Webinar (03/24/21)/Online Course: Ebola in the Age of COVID


In this webinar, we will: identify the current locations of Ebola virus outbreaks in the world and their proposed origins; describe the role of "Identify, Isolate and Inform" in controlling the transmission of viral hemorrhagic fevers; describe advances in medical countermeasures and vaccines in controlling Ebola Virus Disease which have occurred since 2016; discuss the CDC's personal protective equipment guidelines and workflows utilized when caring for patients known or suspected to have for COVID-19 or Ebola Virus disease; and identify the NETEC repository of resources and how they can inform safe practice for the healthcare team. Continuing education credits provided for attending.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | 1:00 PM EST

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Webinar, view at link below.